Special Church Services over the summer

June 28th 11:00 – Worship Service at the Danish Canadian Museum (No Service at Bethany)
July 5th 10:00 – Joint Worship Service at Christ Lutheran Church (No Service at Bethany)
August 2nd 10:00 – Joint Worship Service with Christ Lutheran Church in Dickson (No Service at Christ Lutheran and Raven)

Praying for the Nations for 2015

I was recently at Missionsfest in Edmonton where I committed our congregation to praying for Denmark over the next year on a regular basis.  Given our congregational heritage it thought it was appropriate.  Below there is a fact sheet on Denmark as well as a guide to help direct our prayers for the nation and for missionaries.  Denmark is becoming more and more secular in nature and has loosed itself from scriptural moorings even more than our nation has.  With affluence and immigration the structure of the society has been irrevocably changed making it hard to the Gospel and Christ’s regenerative power.  Pray that God could move the nation back to him and that our brothers and sisters in Christ would be strengthened in being salt and light to their culture.

Getting Ready for Christmas

DSC_0083The tree is trimmed and the lights are on we are getting ready for the celebration for the birth of our Saviour.  Please feel free to join us for one of the many worship services over this season.  Please see the calendar for all the comings and goings.

Advent Potluck with Christ Lutheran – November 30th at 12:30

Spruce View and Community Food Bank Fund Raiser – December 12th at 7:30pm at the Raven Log Church

Christ/Bethany Kids Christmas Program – December 21st at 11:00 (regular worship time)

Christmas Eve Service at Bethany at 7:30 and again at Raven at 9:00

Christmas Day String Quartet Service 11:00

Thanksgiving and Two Year Bible Reading Conclusion

Two years ago we started a bible reading campaign to get as many as possible to read through the complete bible over a two year period, in cooperation with Christ Lutheran Church.

For those who were able to keep up with the reading I am sure that it has been a tremendous blessing to your life as it has to our family.  God promises to regenerate us by the Holy Spirit through the reading of His Word.

The bible study group who meets at Carrie Kosters every Friday have completed the reading as a group and will be holding celebrations for that and for the 10 years the bible study has been functioning.  Details will be put into the calendar so stay tuned.

Sunday School starts at Bethany and Pastor Alvin to start Luther’s Catechism Class for Adults


Sunday School started this last Sunday, and will be held throughout the year at 10:00 before church.  This year Dr. Elaine has chosen to follow a series of lessons called Luther’s Small ‘Cat’ or catechism.  Come and join the fun, and deepen your child’s understanding of Christ and His love for them (and you of course).

Pastor Alvin will be starting a adult catechism class in the coming months (TBA) based on material he has found very useful for explaining the basic beliefs of the Christian faith according to the father of reformed theology, Luther.  If you are interested in boning up on ‘why you believe what you believe’ or know someone you would like to bring to give them an understanding of what it is to be a Christian Lutheran believer please stay posted to the website or church bulletin for details.  Also, please call Pastor Alvin 403.896.3123 to let him know you would be interested.