Sunday School starts at Bethany and Pastor Alvin to start Luther’s Catechism Class for Adults


Sunday School started this last Sunday, and will be held throughout the year at 10:00 before church.  This year Dr. Elaine has chosen to follow a series of lessons called Luther’s Small ‘Cat’ or catechism.  Come and join the fun, and deepen your child’s understanding of Christ and His love for them (and you of course).

Pastor Alvin will be starting a adult catechism class in the coming months (TBA) based on material he has found very useful for explaining the basic beliefs of the Christian faith according to the father of reformed theology, Luther.  If you are interested in boning up on ‘why you believe what you believe’ or know someone you would like to bring to give them an understanding of what it is to be a Christian Lutheran believer please stay posted to the website or church bulletin for details.  Also, please call Pastor Alvin 403.896.3123 to let him know you would be interested.

Revelation/Daniel Bible Study at Bethany

How are things going to go down in the last days? Why is the book so cryptic using symbols and numbers, what is their significance? Is there going to be a battle on the Plains of Megiddo otherwise known as Armageddon? Is the pope the Antichrist as Luther supposed or is it Obama or some figure yet to come? When it comes to eschatology are you premillenial, postmillennial or amillennial? What is the Lutheran view on end times? What does the prophesy in Revelation speak to us about how we are to live our lives today. These are all very important questions that require answers otherwise we are likely to follow misleading and destructive theology.

This study will be following a series of teachings from preacher, Voddie Baucham who aligns very closely with the Lutheran view of end times. Participants will be asked to listen to one of the sermons designated per week for review and discussion in the Sunday morning study. The MP3 podcasts are available on Bethany’s Google Drive at the following location . Just go to this link click and listen to them on the computer. I can also provide you with a digital copy and help you get it on your device or computer, just come to the study for tech support.

The study runs from 9:30 to 10:30 before the church service.  May God’s Kingdom come, may His will be done!!!

New Jerusalem

New Jerusalem

A Special Invitation to the Badlands Passion Play from our own Sandy Shippelt

We at Bethany have had an ongoing affiliation with the Passion Play initiated by Pastor Fiege, and it truly is a wonder-filled  spectacle that everyone should see.  You can also see Ted in action.  Ted Richard has been awarded the title of “Parking Captain”.  He personally guarantees the parking lot will be empty in 20 minutes or the ice cream is on him.

I like the Pharisee in the clip, he looks way too cool for Christ with his sunglasses and all.



VBS Starts this coming Monday!!!

Christ Lutheran and Bethany welcome you to the International Spy Academy where we train your operatives in Christ’s service teaching them the time-tested, life saving techniques of ‘The Way’.  Registration is at 8:45 Monday morning of the 21st.


40 Day Lenten Reading through the New Testament

We have recently started reading through the New Testament with our brothers and sisters from Christ Lutheran.  We are meeting at the Richard’s house in Spruce View Monday nights throughout Lent to watch a short video related to the readings and carry on a discussion.  All are welcome.

If you can’t find the time to read and maybe do a lot of driving there is a very compelling audio podcast version put out by the Bible Society the links for which can be found at the attached site:

40 Day New Testament Reading – Audio Bible

I would encourage you to spend time in God’s revelation of Himself to us in the Bible on a daily basis.  He will transform you into a new creation from the inside out through the reading and hearing of His word.09b0aad304c76babab94fe399f04aebe

Pastor Fiege takes a call in Nipiwin, SK

We are sad to see our Pastor and friend for more than 16 years go to a new call in Nipiwin, SK starting in January, 2014.  In celebration of his family’s service to our congregation we invite  you to a Fiege Farewell Fowl Feast at the church hall on December 8th following service.  The Pastor’s last service will be Christmas Eve services at Bethany and Raven (see the calendar for details).

Pastor Alvin Oberhammer has graciously offered to fill in as vacancy pastor in the new year.DSC_0053

Bethany Congregational History – The Last 100 Years

The link above is a compilation of first hand accounts of the early church life in Dickson which was put together for the 100th anniversary of the congregation.  If you are interested in a print copy they are available at the church.  We look forward to what our Lord can do in the next 100 years.

Congregational Photo from the 100th Anniversary Celebration